Class of 2022

Jeremy Anderson
Bob Coffin
Dale Hahn
Dave Johnson
Ann Sunstrum

Mike Dunaway

Dunaway (1955-2014) was the epitome of long driving for show and earning dough for it. Dunaway, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 59, was one of the biggest of hitters and a cornerstone for the Long Drivers of America. Dunaway helped put the long drivers on the map and promoted the sport everywhere.

Dunaway got his start in the sport in 1976 when he was playing in the Las Vegas Invitational. He tested his swing on a swing speed machine and the technician said it was the fastest swing he had ever seen.

The rest, as they say, is history. From long drive contests to long-hitting stunts (like hitting golf balls from the roofs of two Las Vegas resorts…the Dunes and Caesars Palace).

Dunaway was the founder of the ‘350 Club’, created for guys who could hit it 350 yards in long drive competitions. Dunaway was also the “swing model” for the original Callaway Golf Big Bertha driver as he worked directly with Ely Callaway on the creation of the club. Dunaway was introduced to Callaway by fellow Las Vegas Golf Hall of Famer Bill Walters.