Jerry Belt

Golf Professional


Mr. Jerry Belt is one of the Founding Fathers of golf in Las Vegas, and one of its most successful teaching professionals. By his account, he gave more than 100,000 individual golf lessons from 1955-2000, when he worked at various Las Vegas golf courses, most notably at Las Vegas Municipal Golf Club.

Mr. Belt was also a very good player in addition to devoting his time to giving back to the Las Vegas golf community, something he was still doing through the 2009 formation of the new Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame.

During his many years in Las Vegas golf, he won several prestigious championships including the Rocky Mountain Sectional Championship in 1967 and the Las Vegas Chapter PGA of America Championship in 1983, when he qualified for the inaugural Panasonic Pro-Celebrity Classic due to the victory.

Mr. Belt also served as the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain PGA of America section, and was on the executive board for many years. He was recognized for his accomplishments in 1975 when the Southern Nevada Chapter of the PGA of America voted him Professional of the Year, and in 1983 when the Southern Nevada Golf Association voted him their Professional of the Year.

“It has been an honor to serve on the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame committee with Mr. Belt because he is one of the true legends in the history of golf in Las Vegas,” said Brian Hurlburt, President, Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame. “He has helped grow the game in this area and been witness to much of the history that we are preserving.

Recently, other PGA of America professionals have been inducted into our Hall, with words such as ‘Nobody has served his profession as well’ to describe their careers, but there is no doubt that the same can be said for Mr. Jerry Belt.”

List of Achievements

  • 1955-2000 Stood on the practice tee and gave more than 100,000 lessons
  • 1967 Rocky Mountain Sectional Championship Champion
  • 1962-76 Competitor, Sahara Invitational, PGA Tour
  • 1968 Competitor, 50th Annual National PGA Championship in Texas
  • 1979-80 Vice President, PGA of America, Rocky Mountain Section
  • 1971-74 Executive committee member, PGA of America, Rocky Mountain Section
  • 1975 PGA of America, Southern Nevada Chapter Professional of the Year
  • 1977-78 Executive committee member, PGA of America, Rocky Mountain Section
  • 1981 Consultant to PGA of America, Rocky Mountain Section
  • 1982 PGA of America, Southern Nevada Chapter Champion
  • 1983 Competitor, Panasonic Las VegasPro-Celebrity Classic
  • 1983 Southern Nevada Golf Association Professional of the Year