Helen C. Cannon

Benefactor, Amateur Champion


Mrs. Helen C. Cannon was a true pioneer for women’s golf and the overall golf community in the Las Vegas area. She was a distinguished champion, winning the Women’s Nevada State Amateur, the Women’s Southern Nevada Amateur and several other titles, and she also took time to give back to the game and help grow the sport of golf.

She attended the University of Wisconsin and majored in physical education, but her first reaction to the game of golf was that it was dumb. That soon changed. Cannon helped create girls high school golf, and also helped in the original development of Las Vegas Golf Club, when individual families purchased and helped build each hole. She is a past president of the Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association, and also served in several different leadership roles on the local, state and regional levels.

The Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association has named the championship flight of the association, the Helen Cannon Championship Flight. Cannon was also a dedicated pilot who served in the Women’s Auxiliary Service Program during World War II. She continued to fly while living in Las Vegas following the war. In 1976, the Clark County School District named opened Helen C. Cannon Middle School in her honor. She told students at the opening, “Ask questions, have an abundance of self worth, take advantage of school courses, be there, be on time, get involved, and participate.”

And that is the way Cannon lived her life and positively impacted the game of golf in the Las Vegas area. “Helen Cannon has been a significant contributor to women’s golf in Southern Nevada,” said Sherry Corsello, President, Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association. “ She has served in many capacities in state and regional associations as well as being an accomplished golfer. The Nevada State Women’s Golf Association is proud to have the state amateur championship flight named in her honor. Without her efforts, women’s golf in Nevada would not be at the level it is today.”

List of Achievements

  • 1938, Graduates from the University of Wisconsin
  • 1941, First solo pilot flight
  • 1942-45, Women’s Auxiliary Service Program
  • 1970, First President, Nevada State Women’s Golf Association
  • 1972, Champion, Women’s Nevada State Amateur
  • 1976, Women’s Southern Nevada Amateur Champion
  • 1976, Helen C. Cannon Middle School opens
  • 1981, Women’s Southern Nevada Amateur Champion
  • 2003, Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association creates Helen Cannon Championship Flight