Brady Exber

Amateur Golfer and Ambassador


Mr. Brady Exber has indelibly etched his name into the history books of Las Vegas as the most prolific amateur golfer in our history.

Through 2008, Mr. Exber had collected nine Southern Nevada Golf Association Player of the Year awards in addition to many individual tournament titles. Mr. Exber, who grew up in Las Vegas as the son of famed casino mogul, Mr. Mel Exber, the game of golf has long been a passion and a way of life.

Not only has he played the game at the highest levels on the course, he has given back to the game of golf in Las Vegas by serving as the president of the Southern Nevada Golf Association (SNGA) and also as Vice President of the Nevada Golf Industry Alliance.

Mr. Exber has also represented the Las Vegas area on many regional and national golf stages as a member of SNGA teams who competed in the Pacific Coast Amateur and other events, in addition to playing in the U.S. Senior Open, U.S. Amateur. And U.S. Min-Amateur tournaments. “He is the consummate gentleman golfer,” says Las Vegas’ Jack Sheehan, a nationally-recognized golf author. “He is a player who just seemed to get gradually better from year to year over the last 30 years until he became the guy to beat in amateur golf in this area.

For young players, he is also a role model around Las Vegas for his dedication to the game, his friendly demeanor, and his good sportsmanship.”

List of Achievements

  • 1996, 1998-2001, 2003-04, 2008-09 SNGA Player of the year
  • 1986  Las Vegas City Amateur champion
  • 1991  Nevada State Amateur champion
  • 1995  Southern Nevada Amateur champion
  • 2000  Southern Nevada Amateur champion
  • 2000  Las Vegas City Amateur champion
  • 2000  Nevada State Mid Amateur champion
  • 2003  Southern Nevada Amateur champion
  • 2005 Las Vegas City Amateur champion
  • 2006  Southern Nevada Amateur champion
  • 2006  Pro Golf Team Classic I champion (partner Frank Acker)
  • 2007  Southern Nevada Amateur champion
  • 2007  Nevada State Match Play champion
  • 2007  Pro Golf Classic II Team champion (partner Frank Acker)
  • 2007 Ruth’s Chris Golf Classic champion
  • 2007 Competitor, U.S. Senior Open, 41st
  • 2008 Black Mountain Classic champion
  • 2008  Nevada State Amateur champion
  • 2008  Southern Nevada Senior Amateur champion
  • Four-time competitor, U.S. Amateur
  • President, Southern Nevada Golf Association
  • Vice President, Nevada Golf Industry Alliance