Mike Dunaway


Mike Dunaway could have re-written an old golf saying: Drive for show, Putt for dough.

Well, for Dunaway, it’s ‘Drive for show and for dough.’

Dunaway helped shine the spotlight on the world of long drive when he found the sport in 1976. He was playing at the Las Vegas Invitational and had his speed checked and it was found to be one of the fastest swings the technician had seen.
A new career was born and Dunaway starred and promoted the Long Drivers of America for the rest of his golf career.

Dunaway, who passed away in 2014 at the age of 59, had a lot of praise on his driving prowess. ‘Two guys back home can hit it past me…Mike Dunaway and Bobby Wilson.’—John Daly.

List of Achievements

  • Made the leap to long drive golf in 1976.
    Founded the 350 Club for those who hit it 350 yards in long drive competitions.
  • Dunaway was the ‘swing model’ for Callaway’s original Big Bertha driver and worked with Eli Callaway on the creation of the club.
  • Was one of the masterminds behind a few long-hitting stunts like hitting golf balls off the roof of several Strip casinos.