Ann Sunstrum


Ann Sunstrum’s impact on the Las Vegas and Southern Nevada golf scene is legendary…despite not hitting a golf shot.

Sunstrum has been the Southern Nevada Golf Association’s Executive Director since 2014.

She started her golf foray right out of college as she was the media coordinator for the PGA Tour’s Panasonic Invitational in 1984.

One of her most impressive stops was in Mesquite where she spent 15 years lauding the area, the golf courses and the resorts.

That stretch led to working with the Golf Channel and landing ‘The Big Break’, a 13-week show that highlighted amateur golfers battling through golf challenges at the Mesquite courses.

List of Achievements

  • Has served as Executive Director of the Southern Nevada Golf Association since 2014.
  • Got her start in the golf world by working as the media coordinator of the PGA Tour’s Panasonic Invitational in 1984.
  • Sunstrum spent 15 years marketing golf in Mesquite and was responsible for landing the Golf Channel’s ‘Big Break’ show in 2007 that featured amateur golfers and area golf courses.
  • She also helped start the Virgin Valley Junior Golf Association in the early 2000s.