Class of 2023

Chuck Bombard
Tim Cashman
Jim Hart
Todd Roberts
Warren Schutte

Bill Farkas

Bill Farkas was known for many years as the head professional at the historic Las Vegas Country Club. Farkas served that post for three decades and was the man behind the scenes for PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and UNLV golf tournaments held at the club. He was the head professional when the first million-dollar purse was offered on the PGA Tour during the Panasonic Pro-Celebrity Classic.

Farkas also briefly played on the PGA Tour before settling in at the country club where he gave lessons to members and celebrities. He is known as the “Dean of Las Vegas Golf.”

Golf was a way of life for Farkas who believed that each player was responsible for their own score, the rules of the game, and for keeping the course in as good or better shape than they found it.

Now the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame is in better shape with his induction.