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Jim Hart
Todd Roberts
Warren Schutte

Louis Redden

Louis Redden
Amateur golfer

Mr. Louis Redden dominated the Las Vegas amateur golf scene in the 1970s as few players ever have. It was common knowledge for those playing golf in Las Vegas that to be considered the best, you had to go through Mr. Redden.  Fellow Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame inductee and PGA Tour star Tommy Armour III was among Redden’s victims on the amateur circuit, and he credits his golf battles with Mr. Redden as a reason for his success on golf’s biggest stage. Mr. Redden is known as a player with a stunning short game who is always ready for a challenge, no matter who is playing with or against him. Mr. Redden had a major run from 1973-1978 when he won seven major amateur tournaments conducted by the Southern Nevada Golf Association. Through 2009, Redden still maintained a reputation as one of the area’s best players, sporting a zero handicap at age 56. “Any new player coming to Las Vegas has to go through Lou Redden to prove himself," says Valley View Golf Club president James Epperson.” Jerry Belt, a Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame inductee and a member of the original class, nominated Redden for the Hall, and has always been impressed with everything about him. “He is quiet and polite, and a gentleman at all times,” says Belt. “One would never guess by his demeanor the talent that he possesses. Louis Redden was a champion both locally and regionally, and is pure class.”



1973 Las Vegas City Amateur Champion
1974 Las Vegas City Amateur Champion
1975  Southern Nevada Amateur Champion
1975  Las Vegas City Amateur Champion
1976  Nevada Open Amateur Division Champion
1976  Glen Campbell Los Angeles Open PGA Tour Qualifier
1977  Southern Nevada Amateur Champion
1978  Clark County Amateur Champion
1978 Paramount Golf Championship Amateur Division Champion—San Diego
1980 Las Vegas City Amateur champion with record 68-64—132
1980 Boulder City Open Amateur Division Champion
1980 Paramount Golf Championship Amateur Division Champion – San Diego
1986 Panasonic Pro-Celebrity Classic PGA Tour Qualifier