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Tom Storey

Tom Storey

Tom Storey is the classic journeyman golf pro. He's won well more than 125 amateur and professional golf tournaments, and won those events in nearly every state in the country. Along the way, in the early years, he supplemented his PGA Tour and mini-tour winnings with night jobs as a song-and-dance man at nightclubs along the road. He and his partner had a popular act, called Tommy and Johnny, which always drew a good mix of professional golfers and nighttime revelers. The duo had long-running stints in the Main Room at the Aladdin Hotel, where words like “Electrifying”, “Excellent”, and “Watch as a new fan cult develop for Tommy and Jonny” were used to describe the duo.

Storey qualified at the very first PGA Tour Qualifying school, in sudden-death no less, and followed the Tour on and off for 15 years. He is the answer to the trivia question: Who led the Memphis Classic after the first round the year Al Geiberger shot the Tour's first 59 in the second round? It was Tom, with a 65. The next day, as Geiberger was doing the unthinkable, Storey ballooned and made the 36-hole cut right on the number. He earned just over $40,000 during his PGA Tour career.

It's very fitting that Tom's only head pro job was at a now-defunct Las Vegas golf course called Louie Prima's Fairway to the Stars. Storey danced right out of that full-time employment about a year later, and will proudly tell friends, "I've made it into my late 60s without ever getting a real job." Tom Storey is Las Vegas’ real-life Tin Cup.